Get the complete story with the audio tour!

On The Faces of Fort Langley Audio Tour, colourful characters bring to life the inter-related personal stories behind the Fort’s history.

Pick up a multilingual audio wand (English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese and German) at the Visitor Centre and become part of the narrative. Learn how the colony of British Columbia’s first governor took a stand at Fort Langley during the Fraser River gold rush and forged a milestone in Canadian history. Hear how a chief trader in 1840 helped save the Fort from a catastrophic fire. An elder shares legends about the First Nations people’s reverence for the local bounty of cedar and salmon.

As you listen, set your own pace exploring the Fort from end to end. Climb the palisade and bastion to scan the Fraser River for echoes of the Fort’s noble trading past. Stop in to chat firsthand with the costumed blacksmith or cooper hard at work.

Price: $4.90 + admission
Available daily, year-round