Visit the restored, traditional wooden buildings of the Ryan Premises, meet with knowledgeable interpreters, learn hands-on techniques for catching and “making” cod, and immerse yourself in the "Cod, Seals and Survivors" multi-media exhibit. Explore on your own or download Parks Canada’s official guided tour app, Explora. Stroll along the harbour and through picture-perfect Bonavista, chatting with local residents about their historic town and its proud past as a centre of Newfoundland and Labrador’s salt fish and sealing industries.


  • ​​Explora Ryan Premises

    Experience Summary: Let Explora, Parks Canada’s app, guide you through the history, sights and sounds of the heritage buildings within the Ryan Premises with maps, photos, information and quizzes to help bring the remarkable history of Newfoundland and Labrador’s cod and seal trades to life.

  • Cod and Culture

    Join us on July 1st for a day of cod and culture! Try your hand at some traditional skills while listening to some live, folk music! 

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