Come fire the Noon Day Gun this summer! Take part in this age-old tradition and be one of the privileged few who can claim to have fired a cannon on Signal Hill!

The Noon Day Gun at Signal Hill goes back to at least the 19th century and now you can join the gun crew on the summit and be part of history, setting the cannon thundering!

This quick-firing 3 pound Hotchkiss Gun was once found aboard the HMS Calypso where it was used for gunnery practice by the Newfoundland Royal Reserve! Today, it is situated next to Cabot Tower and is fired daily during the summer to signal the hour of Noon to St. John's below! 

Learn about the history and purpose of the Noon Day Gun and then step back in time to fire a real cannon! 

Signal Gun Ready! Fire!

Daily for July and August. Contact the Visitor Centre to book your spot! (709) 772-5367

Cost: $49 per person