Students exploring the Powder Magazine © Parks Canada/A. Rierden

Fort Anne National Historic Site welcomes teachers, parents, students and all educators to explore our many resources. The major stories connected to the site include the beginnings of European colonization and settlement; its role as the centre of changing social, political and military relations among the Mi’kmaq, Acadians and British during the 17th and 18th centuries; and the evolution and preservation of the site’s Vauban-style fortifications. Our resources and staff provide learning opportunities to explore these topics through this website and through on-site programs. For background information and to get a sense of the history and people that gave the site significance, please visit the Discover pages.

Designed to complement curriculum frameworks in social studies and language arts, our programs provide education experiences that introduce elementary, middle and high school students to Fort Anne’s unique and colourful history. Through pre-visit activities and hands-on programs, students see the past through the eyes of people from many walks of life and visit a place in which memorable events occurred.

Students exploring the Powder Magazine © Parks Canada/A. Rierden
Two young visitors sitting on cannon © Parks Canada/F. Gaudet


Please contact us for reservation requests. We will send you a confirmation along with suggestions for previsit materials to help you prepare your class for a visit to Fort Anne.

All of us at Fort Anne send our best wishes for a successful school year and thank you for allowing us to be a part of yours!