Stewarded within the heart of Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, Grand-Pré National Historic Site is a monument to Acadian culture of the 17th and 18th centuries and a commemoration of both the significant contributions by, and the Deportation of, the Acadian people.

Located in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these picturesque grounds offer a meaningful memorial, interpretive centre and manicured greenspace—a place to celebrate regional heritage and to bring to life the triumphs and trials of the past.

Tour a landscape of weeping willows, flower bushes and orchard trees to view a statue of Evangeline, Longfellow’s famous heroine. Marvel at the vibrant stained glass of a Memorial Church. Sit inside the hull of a Deportation Ship and uncover, through a multimedia presentation, the depth of this tragic tale. Appreciate a reconstructed dyke and aboiteau and understand how the Acadians reclaimed the salt marshes. See history illuminated through unearthed artefacts. Gaze over the vast dykelands and contemplate this deep story. Connect with Grand-Pré—Canada’s most important tribute to l’Acadie.