Many Voices of Confederation exhibit and The Many Voices Indigenous Art Installation 

The Visitor Centre at Bellevue House offers new exhibits in commemoration of 150 years of Confederation. The Many Voices of Confederation exhibit at Bellevue House shares stories about Canada's first Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald, the evolving story of Confederation that continues today and introduces lesser known voices of Canada's history. The exhibit features an interactive photo booth with an invitation to "Imagine a Country" and share your dream for Canada's future.  Along with the exhibit, the Many Voices Indigenous Art installation features work from some of the most important and comprehensive collections of contemporary Canadian Indigenous art, including the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada Aboriginal Art Collection and from Landmarks 2017 collaborators. They explore the idea that the land claims us – that wherever we are from, it is possible for us to be changed by the land around us.