The location of an historic meeting between Major General Sir Isaac Brock and Shawnee Chief Tecumseh, the British stronghold on the Detroit frontier during the War of 1812 and the Rebellions of 1837-38, and the site of the longest American occupation on Canadian soil, Fort Malden National Historic Site, in Amherstburg, Ontario opens a fascinating doorway into Canada’s early military history.

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Hands on history. Get a bang out of Fort Malden!

Imagine the life of a British soldier as you experience an exciting demonstration of the blast of a musket on the parade square at Fort Malden National Historic Site near Amherstburg, Ontario.

Chow Down at Fort Malden.

Dig into a bowl of hearty beef stew with a big chunk of fresh bread, just like the soldiers of Fort Malden did during the Rebellions of 1838. It’s a delicious way to learn in the authentic Soldier’s Cookhouse.

Escape Room

Are you cunning enough to escape the Fort’s Barracks? Participate in Fort Malden’s new escape room event and discover if you can decipher the riddles to break out of the soldier’s quarters!

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