The War of 1812 and the Rebellions of 1838 leap off pages of history books at Fort Malden, where you can tour an authentic fort, learn to fire a musket, mortar or cannon, and enjoy an enlisted man’s lunch at the Soldier’s Cookhouse. Enlist the kids at Fort Malden’s day camp where the activities will include 1812-style cooking lessons and crafts, authentic costume play and much more.


  • Raiders, Rebels and Redcoats

    Join Parks Canada and Fort Malden in commemorating the 180th anniversary of the Rebellions of 1837. Essex County was the scene of battles over twenty years after the War of 1812. Come and see historical re-enactors transform Fort Malden and the Town of Amherstburg into a village on the cusp of rebellion!

  • ​Get a bang out of Fort Malden!

    Imagine the life of a British soldier as you experience an exciting demonstration of the blast of a musket on the Parade Square at Fort Malden National Historic Site near Amherstburg, Ontario.

  • ​Chow down at Fort Malden

    Dig into a bowl of hearty beef stew with a big chunk of fresh bread, just like the soldiers of Fort Malden did during the Rebellions of 1838. It’s a delicious way to learn in the authentic Soldier’s Cookhouse.

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