Bastion of the Detroit River

For 200 years, fortifications at Fort Malden have witnessed and participated in the struggles which helped forge a new nation out of the North American wilderness. An army garrison, British Indian Department post, dockyard for the Upper Great Lakes and the meeting place for Chief Tecumseh and British General Brock - the fort has been all these.

Real and inspiring possibilities await you as you enter Fort Malden National Historic Site. Whether you are looking to take in the beautiful scenery along the Detroit River or venturing into the fort for an authentic 19th century experience, we have something for everyone.

The Fort's Origins
The Fort Rebuilt
Fort Malden Revitalized
The Post-Military Period

Bois Blanc Island Lighthouse National Historic Site

The scene of an 1838 invasion by Canadian “Patriots” and their American supporters, the Bois Blanc Lighthouse near Amherstburg, Ontario has stood for more than 100 years. This tall limestone lighthouse marked the entrance/gateway to the mouth of the Detroit River and access to the Upper Great Lakes and though not now open to the public, still reminds us of her importance to those who relied on her beams. Learn more