Travel backward in time to the Victorian period when Canada was young and the man who would one day become our 10th and longest serving prime minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King, was just a boy. Woodside, his childhood home in what was once Berlin but is now Kitchener, Ontario, is a charming Victorian brick house filled with King family heirlooms and period reproductions that combine to recreate the ambiance of the era. Enjoy the 11.5 acres of mature woodland that surround the home.

The site is open for walking year round. The home is open, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday to Sunday from the beginning of October to December 23, 2017. Parking is available on site and the picnic pavilion is available for rent all year. Tour groups and guided tours are available by reservation only. For information, call: 519-571-5684.

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