To the delight of merchants, the Carillon Canal - built on the Ottawa River for military purposes - opened in 1833. Located 100 kilometres from Montreal and 130 kilometres from Ottawa, the canal is today a pleasure boating waterway.

You'll be intrigued by the manoeuvres made by boats using the lock, which enables them to navigate a 20-metre drop in only 40 minutes!

Then, head off to explore the former barracks that now house a museum.

Come see a boat drop 20 metres down a river through the Carillon Canal!

The massive, 200-tonne guillotine gate opens, the basin fills with water and the boat is raised or lowered 20 vertical metres in just 40 minutes. And all this in a tranquil rural setting. To witness this impressive manoeuvre, go to the Carillon lock!

Sites nearby

  • Forillon National Park

    Forillon is a place where you can paddle with seals, watch passing whales and swim off a magnificent sandy beach all on the same day. You may even see a beaver on a walk through the forest.

  • Fort Chambly National Historic Site

    Roughly 30 kilometres southeast of Montreal, Fort Chambly rises proudly at the foot of the Richelieu River rapids. Built in 1711 to defend the colony, this stone fortification was preceded by three wooden forts.

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The national historic site is open every day of the year from sunrise to 11 p.m.
The navigation season runs from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving (mid-May to mid-October).
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Free lockage in 2017. Other fees still apply.
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