Guaranteed fun with the game of the parachute!
Guaranteed fun with the game of the parachute!

Welcome to Fort Gaillard!

A special program for day camps

Take part in “Fort Gaillard,” a game in which the most resourceful participants discover hidden treasures! Players have to compete in a series of contests with the goal of collecting as many keys as possible so as to increase their chances of opening the treasure chest.

The various contests include: reloading a cannon, storming the fort armed with sponges, a military race, a rally, impossible resupply and many others!

Which team – the blue, red, green or yellow team – will open the treasure chest?

This essentially play-centred program of activities emphasizes fun, teamwork and pushing one’s limits. Likewise, “Fort” and “Gaillard” (a French word for hale and hearty) take on their full meaning when applied to Coteau-du-Lac National Historic Site, considering that the military theme and the boot camp-style atmosphere characterize a portion of the contests. The remaining events round off the commemorative themes associated with this historic site – namely, Aboriginal people and the lock canal.

An exciting race between the ramparts!
An exciting race between the ramparts!

By the end of the program, children will have had fun through activities drawing on past periods of occupation of this place, but they will have not received a learning content of a kind reserved for school programs.

Program details

Recommended age: between 6 and 12 years of age
Size of group: 150 children maximum per half-day
Lenght of program: 2 hours (one half-day)
or 4 hours (one day)
Fees: $5.79/child
(taxes included along with a gift for each child)
Free of charge for accompanying adults

The great escape

New theme in 2017!
Young participants in action
Young participants in action

The Coteau-du-Lac Point is a strategic defence site along the St. Lawrence River. More than 200 years ago, a fortified outpost was constructed by British soldiers in order to protect the territory from an American invasion.

Participants, take up the challenge and attack with the Great Escape! Collect the keys that will allow you to open up the treasure chest!

New challenges: obstacle course and flag signals (semaphores) game.

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