Parks Canada Heritage Gourmet

Bring Canada's national historic sites and the best of Canadian heritage cooking into your home with the Parks Canada Heritage Gourmet food app. Embark on a culinary journey through Canada’s rich history and across Canada’s vast territory by trying out the recipes – which have been updated for modern cooks - and reading the stories in this app.

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Choose from over 60 recipes, each with a stunning photograph of the finished dish.
  • Browse recipes from the 18th century to today, representing all of Canada's regions.
  • Enjoy traditional recipes that have been tested and modified for today's cooks, with both imperial and metric measures by the School of Hospitality and Tourism at Algonquin College.
  • Search or browse by ingredient, course, menu, period or region.
  • Save recipes to your personal recipe collection.
  • Add ingredients to your Shopping List to bring with you to the grocery store.
  • Email recipes to friends and family.
  • Cook traditional favourites like Acadian Bouilli, West Coast Finnan Haddie and Newfoundland’s Jiggs Dinner.
  • Enjoy national historic site tried-and-true favourites like the Fortress of Louisbourg’s French Soldier's Bread, Woodside’s Marmalade or Lower Fort Garry's famous Corn Bread
  • Try out recipes like Bannock, Luski and Sourdough Flapjacks that were originally cooked over an outdoor fire.
  • Cook an entire meal using one of the menus.
  • Learn a story about each recipe - tell your dinner guests or family which notable Canadian enjoyed a particular dish, how a dish got its name or which 18th century cookbook a recipe first came from.
  • Watch a behind-the-scenes video of the chefs and photographers at work.
  • See a video of chefs creating an 18th century dessert using today's ingredients.
  • Find out about the national historic site of Canada that submitted the recipe and start to plan your next culinary adventure.

Heritage Gourmet is available free for iPhone and iPod, and compatible Android smartphones through their associated stores. All the recipes and associated content will be available on our web site.