Explore Fundy National Park like never before!

A young woman snorkeling in the Upper Salmon River

Immersed in the waters of the Upper Salmon River, gliding silently through the stream when you first see it. A shimmer of silver. Then another. As your eyes adjust to the mingling of shadows and sunlight on the rocks below, you realize that these flashes of silver are not a precious metal, but something rarer. Because in front of you, holding effortlessly in waters called home for eons past, rests one of the most endangered animals in Eastern North America. An inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon.

A view of the Black Hole area, with two people standing in the Upper Salmon River

You will join our park biologists, and First Nations experts as they hike through national park backcountry to the famous Black Hole, an inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon research site. Here, you will be trained and outfitted to take part in a snorkeling expedition. During this profound natural experience, you will be exposed to the Atlantic salmon’s gripping story of survival and our determined efforts to guard this endangered species from extinction. A fresh ‘field-lunch’ will be provided, along with warm drinks after snorkeling the crisp clear river. 

If you love new adventures, and you enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors, this activity is for you! Join Parks Canada’s team of biologists, interpreters and our Fort Folly First Nations partners for an experience unlike any others. Grab a snorkel and mask and hike into Fundy’s amazing backcountry to slip into the crisp clear river habitat of the inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon.

Scheduled outings for 2017

  • Saturday, September 2
  • Saturday, September 9
  • Saturday, September 16
  • Saturday, September 23

* Outings are scheduled in the month of September to align with the natural return of Atlantic salmon to the rivers of Fundy National Park

Register for your adventure

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Park staff will be in contact with you to confirm payment within 7 business days.

Additional Notes

  • For additional information, please email us at fundy.info@pc.gc.ca or danielle.latendresse@pc.gc.ca.
  • Our $132 per person package includes an extremely exclusive experience with all specialized equipment, epic award winning field experts, photography, cool swag and locally made food.
  • Start time: 9 am/ Return time: 3pm, weather permitting. 
  • Maximum of 6 to 10 people per outing (12 years and older)


Please ask about the variety of accommodation options available at Fundy National Park, at the time of your registration. Accommodations can also be booked online at: www.reservation.pc.gc.ca/Fundy or by calling 1-877-737-3783.

Cancellation policy

In the event that you register and cannot attend, we require that you notify us at least 48 hours in advance. There will, however, be no reimbursement if you cancel on site.

As we are working in a natural environment, it is possible that any expedition may be cancelled due to river conditions that affect guests’ safety or observation accuracy. In such cases, Fundy National Park will inform registered participants no less than 24 hours in advance of a planned outing and a full refund will be issued.  

Recovering the inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon

  1. Introduction
  2. From river to ocean: The incredible life cycle of Atlantic Salmon 
  3. Swimming with the tides: Adapting to thrive in the Bay of Fundy
  4. Damaged connections: Strained relationship between nature and people
  5. Empty rivers: The collapse of inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon
  6. Action in the face of extinction: Protecting an endangered icon
  7. Reasons for hope: Science and partnerships to return salmon to the wild
  8. You can help! Become a smolt wheel assistant.  
  9. Swim with salmon: Join our biologists on this day long adventure.  

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