To date, a staggering 73 km2 of Terra Nova National Park’s forested areas have been negatively impacted by moose browsing, with 13 km2 completely transformed into open grassy fields.

The forests of Terra Nova National Park are at risk due to years of over-browsing by moose, a hyper-abundant species that was introduced to Newfoundland in 1878 and 1904. Without active management of moose populations, the park’s forests will continue to suffer.

To restore forest health, Parks Canada has undertaken a moose management program. During this time, volunteer harvesters will help Parks Canada reduce the number of moose in Terra Nova National Park.

Visitor and public safety is always Parks Canada’s first priority. Staff will make every effort to minimize the effects of this program on the experience you have in the park during autumn and winter seasons.

Information for harvesters

Information for visitors