Backcountry hiking trip planner (PDF, 2.36 MB) | Backcountry paddling trip planner (PDF, 2.14 MB)

Fittingly, Ontario’s only wilderness national park offers two amazing backcountry experiences: hike across 60 kilometres of rugged and varied terrain, or paddle for a week or more along dramatic shoreline in Pukaskwa’s most remote region.

Lake Superior’s wildest shoreline—stretching 133 kilometres from Hattie Cove to the Pukaskwa River—tempts the adventurous. This is remote lake-scape of stunted jackpine, balsam fir and birch trees; of moose and peregrine falcons; of storm-beaten granite and hidden cobble beaches. For hikers, the Coastal Hiking Trail is a challenging 60-kilometre trek that links the rocky coast of an inland sea with steep climbs, two suspension bridges, river-crossings and mixed-wood forests. Recap each leg from a sunset campsite as you immerse for five or more days in true wilderness. Or push off via kayak or canoe into the temperamental waters of the Coastal Paddling Route. Explore cobblestone nooks, gaze at waterfalls pouring from granite cliffs, camp on soft-sand beaches, navigate crystal-clear waters—designated routes start with a weekend and can last for two weeks. This is the longest undeveloped shoreline on the Great Lakes. Discover its beauty for yourself.

Pukaskwa’s backcountry is open May 1 to September 30 annually. 

Two people and a tent

Reserve online

Backcountry reservations are available online or by calling 1-877-737-RESERVE (1-877-737-3783). Online service fees are $11.00 per reservation, modification or cancellation and call centre fees are $13.50 per reservation, modification or cancellation.