A rich assembly of natural, cultural and agricultural landscapes, Rouge National Urban Park is home to amazing biodiversity, some of the last remaining working farms in the Greater Toronto Area, Carolinian ecosystems, Toronto’s only campground, one of the region’s largest marshes, unspoiled beaches, amazing hiking opportunities, and human history dating back over 10,000 years, including some of Canada's oldest known Indigenous sites.

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Guided Hikes in the Rouge provide a pleasant break from the city

Spend a few hours with a guide at Rouge National Urban Park to discover more about the park’s wildlife, ecosystems, farms and amazing cultural heritage. Each season brings new reasons to explore.

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With special events all year long, Rouge National Urban Park will keep you active and exploring!

The Rouge - unfiltered

Rouge National Urban Park provides the perfect place to unwind, breathe fresh air and get away from the fast pace of city life.

A family of cyclists and a heritage lighthouse

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  • Fort George National Historic Site

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Hours of operation

Rouge National Urban Park is open 365 days a year. 


Entry is free.

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Reachable by foot, car, train, bus, subway, bike and even canoe, Rouge National Urban Park invites you to explore your own way! 

For information about Glen Rouge Campground, or to book a campsite visit the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, or call: 1-855-811-0111 (Toll free) or 1-226-706-8518 (International).


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