Rouge National Urban Park draft management plan released for public engagement

In June 2014, the Rouge National Urban Park draft management plan was released for public viewing and feedback (PDF, 2.4 MB).

A formal public engagement process on the draft plan was undertaken from June to October, 2014. The five month period for public feedback has now closed. Feedback gathered from four public open houses, community events, an online survey and dozens of meetings with stakeholders and organizations is now being analyzed and will help us improve the draft plan.

Like most areas managed by Park Canada, Rouge National Urban Park will be required to have a management plan, a guiding document that articulates a long-term vision, strategies, objectives activities and targets.

The plan builds on a continuing and extensive program of stakeholder and public meetings, a Youth workshop, First Nations engagement, and the development of the Park Concept in 2012. Input received from nearly 10,000 Canadians and over 100 stakeholder groups was used in the development of the draft plan. In addition, the draft plan has benefitted from the input of municipal and provincial governments and other government agencies. It also acknowledges the almost three decades of citizen engagement in the Rouge, the legacy of past plans, and current plans of the conservation authority, municipalities, and the province.