As well as forests of conifers and hardwoods, La Mauricie will treat you to touches of azure: the Park has more than 150 lakes of various sizes. During the day, let the haunting cry of the common loon thrill your spirit. Nearby, pools at the foot of waterfalls invite you to come for a swim. When evening falls, it's the hooting of the barred owl or the great horned owl that lulls you to sleep.

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Getting here

Saint-Jean-des-Piles entrance
Highway 55, exit 226 via the Chemin du parc national

Saint-Mathieu entrance
Highway 55, exit 217 via Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc

Administrative office
702, 5e rue de la Pointe
Shawinigan, Quebec G9N 1E9

Hours of operation

Summer Season 2017
Every day: Saint-Mathieu Entrance from May 18 to October 9
Every day: Saint-Jean-des-Piles Entrance from May 18 to October 29

Full schedule

Winter Season 2017-2018
Every day: Saint-Jean-des-Piles Entrance from December 9 to March 31

Full schedule



Free admission in 2017. Other fees still apply.
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Phone: 819-538-3232
Toll-free: 1-888-773-8888

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