What to know before your visit
Infrastructure projects in La Mauricie National Park
Some of the Completed Projects (2015-2017)

What to know before your visit

As announced in 2015, Parks Canada will be investing three billion dollars over five years towards restoring the infrastructure of national historic sites, national parks and national marine conservation areas of Canada.

This historic investment supports conservation while promoting visitor experience and making our infrastructure safer and more appealing to visitors.

When visiting La Mauricie National Park, you may encounter one or more construction zones or reduced services while we complete this important work. Please plan ahead before you travel to avoid inconvenience. Consult the following list of current infrastructure projects in La Mauricie National Park to see if any road or facility work might impact your trip.

Parks Canada must take immediate action to improve a large part of its infrastructure. Projects for asphalting, and rehabilitating bridges, culverts, and sanitation equipment, as well as certain service buildings, will be undertaken thanks to this historic investment. Visitors will thus be able to benefit from an experience that is both thought-provoking and safe, as well as magnificent vistas, and a pleasant commute on the park's main roadway.

Infrastructure projects in La Mauricie National Park

May to October 2017

Redevelopment of several canoe-camping sites on Lac Du Caribou and Lac à La Pêche, as well as in Baie des Onze Îles and Baie Cobb.
  • The affected sites will be available for reservation through the Parks Canada Reservation Service once the redevelopment is complete.

Replacement of culverts and reconfiguration of various trails and portage routes.

  • Trails may be temporarily closed or alternate routes may be suggested as needed.
  • Signage will be in place throughout the works.

Starting September 5, 2017

Closure of the Parkway between the Wapizagonke Campground and Lac Soumire for culvert replacements

  • Work on the Promenade road will result in an increase in heavy vehicles from Monday morning to Friday at noon. We invite cyclists to prefer weekends (from Friday at noon to Sunday evenings) to ride in the park, no matter which entrance you choose.
  • The lookouts will remain accessible with the exception of the Le Passage Lookout.
  • The Saint-Mathieu Entrance will be open until October 9, 2017. Visitors who wish to travel via the Parkway will have to make a U-turn at the entrance of Wapizagonke Campground.
  • The Saint-Jean-des-Piles Entrance will be open until October 29. Until October 9, visitors who wish to travel via the Parkway will have to make a U-turn in the Lac Soumire Parking Lot. As of October 9, the road will be closed as usual from the Rivière à la Pêche Service Centre onwards.

No construction sites will be in operation from Friday noon to Monday morning.

For an overview of all planned construction in 2017, please refer to our brochure. (PDF, 958 kb)

General overview of works planned for 2018

Due to the scope of construction planned for 2018 and the safety risks to our staff and visitors, the Saint-Jean-des-Piles sector will be closed for the entire 2018 season. No other option could ensure the safe and efficient upkeep of the construction sites planned for 2018 in this area. This decision was made with full understanding of how it might affect the teams and the quality of the visitor experience.

1 and 6-Closure of the Parkway

1-Final paving of segment 3 (scheduled for completion June 20, 2018)
6-Refurbishment of segment 2 (end of May to end of November 2018)

From April 1 to June 20: 0 to 37 km (Saint-Jean-des-Piles entrance to the Wapizagonke day-use area)
Beginning June 20: 0 to 24 km (Saint-Jean-des-Piles entrance to the Le Passage Lookout)
Everything located in the closed section of the road will be inaccessible to visitors:

  • Saint-Jean-des-Piles Visitor Reception and Interpretation Centre
  • Rivière à la Pêche Service Centre
  • Rivière à la Pêche Campground
  • Rivière à la Pêche trail network
  • Édouard Lake Picnic Area

2-Saint-Jean-des-Piles Reception area

  • Replacement of the doors and windows of the Saint-Jean-des-Piles Visitor
  • Replacement of the doors and windows of the gatehouses

3-Rivière à la Pêche Campground

  • Reconstruction of five service buildings
  • Replacement of the drinking water system
  • Replacement of the wastewater system

4-Rivière à la Pêche Service Centre

  • Replacement of the doors and windows of the old part of the service centre

5-Multi-use trail network

  • Replacement of 40 culverts

2018 Infrastructure program Map

2018 Infrastructure program Map

For a larger version of this map, see printable version.    (PDF-816 Kb)

*Please note: This is not an exhaustive list of infrastructure projects underway in La Mauricie National Park. Only projects that may impact visitors are listed.  

Some of the Completed Projects (2015-2017)

  • Reconstruction of the bridge of the Shewenegan Picnic Aera
    Wapizagonke Lake Bridge
  • Addition of a new gatehouse at the Saint-Mathieu Entrance
  • Redevelopment of the Shewenegan Picnic Area
    Shewenegan Picnic Area services centre
  • Reconstruction of the service building on Loop A of the Mistagance Campground
    Mistagance Campgroung Services Centre
  • Reconstruction of two segments of the Parkway (10 km)
     Parkway culvert replacements.