Students up north

We are pleased to announce the launch of an employment and educational opportunity available to Canadian post-secondary and northern Aboriginal high school and post-secondary students to participate in Students On Ice. This exciting opportunity will help you develop the knowledge, skills, and perspectives to become an ambassador for the Arctic and a more environmentally responsible citizen. You will have a summer job with Parks Canada and will participate in the Students on Ice Arctic expedition traveling with other students from around the world.

Your work for Parks Canada begins in the spring/early summer at your designated location – see How To Apply section for more details. From July 21 to August 5, 2016 you will participate in the Students on Ice 2016 Arctic Expedition. The adventure will start in Ottawa, with several days of pre-expedition activities. You will then fly to Kuujjuaq, Quebec to board the expedition vessel and set sail for the Canadian Arctic (Auyuittuq National Park) before crossing the Davis Strait to explore the western coast of Greenland (Students on Ice). Travel costs will be funded by Parks Canada.

Throughout the summer you will work at your site in one of a variety of roles, depending on your work location. You will be expected to give presentations about your experiences with Students On Ice and Parks Canada. This will help you to begin creating networks to educate and inspire Canadians about what you are learning. Acting as an ambassador for your community, you will share your unique journey and experience both at home in your community, and with the rest of Canada, before, during, and after the expedition.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility varies depending on location. Please refer to the How To Apply section for more details.

For positions in Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver, participants must be registered in a recognized university or college.

For positions at northern locations, participants must be Aboriginal or northern youth from a community near or in a northern national park that is part of their traditional territory.


The following thirteen positions will be available in 2016:

  • Two positions in Montreal, two positions in Toronto and two positions in Vancouver open to all university and college students across Canada.
  • For Nááts’ihch’oh National Park Reserve, one position in Tulita open to Sahtu high school, college, university or graduate students of the Tulita District.
  • For Wood Buffalo National Park one position open to high school, college, university or graduate students from Fort Smith.
  • For Saoyú-Ɂehdacho National Historic Site, one position in Deline, open to Sahtu high school, college, university or graduate students.
  • For Wapusk National Park, one position in Churchill, open to high school, college, university or graduate students from the Town of Churchill, York Factory First Nation, or Fox Lake Cree Nation.
  • For Torngat Mountains National Park, in Nain, open to Nunavik Inuit and Labrador Inuit high school, college, university or graduate students.
  • For Sirmilik and Auyuittuq National Parks, one position in Pond Inlet and one position in Pangnirtung, open to Inuit high school, college, university or graduate students.

Students must be available for work full time for the duration of the posted position. For more details on each position please refer to the How To Apply section.

Students must possess or be eligible to obtain a passport to participate in the Students on Ice expedition. Once you have been hired as a PCA student and approved for the program, please ensure that you begin the process to obtain a passport or confirm that your passport is valid for six months after the expedition is completed. In addition, you will be responsible for having your own bank account for direct deposit payments.

Students must have their own residence. Minors must have approved guardians in the community of work and permission of guardians to travel to remote Parks Canada sites.

How to apply

Application closing dates vary, please refer to the specific competition for the position you are interested in or contact the local SOI Supervisor:

The competition process for Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver positions has closed for 2016.
Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver

Nááts’ihch’oh National Park Reserve, Tulita

Saoyú-Ɂehdacho National Historic Site, Délı̨nę, NWT

Wapusk National Park, Churchill

Wood Buffalo National Park, Fort Smith, NWT

Torngat Mountains National Park, Nain

Sirmilik and Auyuittuq National Parks, Pond Inlet and Pangnirtung

Additional information

Students are responsible to secure their own accommodations, and for meals and getting to and from work for the duration of their work with Parks Canada, with the exception of the Students on Ice expedition.

Students must be willing to work and/or travel in varied terrain, weather conditions, isolated locations and by various means of transportation.

Students must understand that this is work and an educational expedition, not a vacation. All students must be committed to participate fully in all aspects of the mandatory education program and research activities prior to and during the expedition.

Successful applicants enrolled in expedition field courses must agree to participate in and complete any pre-expedition preparations and/or post-expedition assignments as directed by their respective instructors.

Students must act as an ambassador for their community and be prepared to share their journey and experience with their community and country before during and after the expeditions. Students will be expected to submit stories and pictures for the Parks Canada social media network.

What if I have questions?

For more details please contact: