It’s Canada’s 150th anniversary and Parks Canada is throwing open its doors and inviting Canadians and visitors from around the world to come enjoy our national treasures.

Your Discovery Pass is your golden ticket to exploring the 47 National Parks, 171 National Historic Sites, 4 National Marine Conservation Areas, and 8 Historic Canals across Canada with free admission!

Not sure if Provincial Parks are included (they’re not!) or lockage is free (it is!)? Here’s everything you need to know right now.

Fire up your imagination! All these activities are totally free in 2017.


From exploring the boreal forest between sea and mountains to striding through temperate rainforest unless you've upgraded to a guided trip, all hikes are free with your Discovery Pass in National Parks in 2017.


Bring your kayak and launch off on an adventure past craggy coastline and fjords or paddle protected calm waters. All access to day paddling is included in your Discovery Pass.


Learn more about our country’s fascinating history through Parks Canada’s interpretive programs such as visiting a fur trading post from to a fireside chat with s’mores, songs and stories of the bison; there’s no charge with your Discovery Pass.


Boaters! Make plans to explore Canada’s historic waterways and canals from the Rideau Canal National Historic Site to the Chambly Canal National Historic Site, throughout 2017, you won’t be charged lockage if you have your Discovery Pass.

Some activities still have a fee, but hey - not so much!

Staying overnight

All overnight stays require a fee: just choose your adventure and make a booking to claim your place. Buy an overnight permit to camp in the wilds of the backcountry: just you, your backpack and a world of natural wonders. Bring your tent and book a site from the hundreds of frontcountry sites still available to book.


Camp the easy way with an equipped tent complete with everything you need: just make a booking, bring a sleeping bag and a sense of adventure! Book a stay in a funky Cocoon Tree Bed or try an ultra-modern Micro Cube, or maybe a cosy oTENTik tent.

Mooring at a canal

While lockage is free with a Discovery Pass, if you want to stay overnight and moor your boat then you will have to pay a fee.

Hot springs and bath houses

Soaking up the benefits of Canada’s natural hot spring spas and bath houses still comes with a fee, but that sense of wellness and relaxation? That comes free.

Premium programs

All premium Parks Canada programs come with additional fees: if you want to dress up as an 18th century French cannoneer and learn how to fire a cannon, or take a white glove tour of Alexander Graham Bell’s personal mementoes you’ll need to pay a fee.

Don't forget!

Provincial Parks are not included in the Parks Canada Discovery Pass, there are over 1000 Provincial and Territory Parks, so make sure you know the difference. Check online to avoid any surprises.