Dream. Explore. Connect. It’s time to go North.

Your bush plane banks right, preparing to descend into the true north; into the heart and soul of Canada. Gazing out across the jagged mountain peaks you shiver with excitement, awestruck. This is it. Your journey into the Canada of your dreams begins now. Deep in this northern national park, the air is different. Clearer. Crisper. You inhale peacefulness, solitude. You exhale anticipation; your choices for adventure are boundless. Hike. Paddle. Relax. Discover. Connect. Warmed by the welcome of your Aboriginal hosts, illuminated by 24-hour daylight, and enthralled by the stories of this land and its people, this is your experience for the making.

Come and join us. Live this moment. Be one with the places in Canada’s iconic north that you have only dreamed of. This is your Northern Iconic Experience.

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Experiences by province and territory


Fly-in camping
Two hikers leave a mountain top look-out beneath the midnight sun.
Happy hikers start their return to camp after enjoying a magnificent mountain look-out beneath the midnight sun.

Take a Twin Otter bush plane to the mountain haven of Ivvavik National Park at the most northerly tip of the Yukon. Be welcomed by your Inuvialuit host at Imniarvik base camp, your safe and comfortable headquarters for a week-long Arctic adventure. The landscapes in Ivvavik will take your breath away: hike mountain ridges to reach Halfway to Heaven peak or amble along the shores of the rushing Firth River. Be engrossed by the story of the 3,000 km migration the Porcupine caribou make through this magnificent mountain range. Feel the drum, hear the song, or listen to the story of the culture of the people of the Western Arctic. Join us to live your #arcticdream.

Northwest Territories

Connecting to the land
Two visitors and an Inuvialuit guide speak with a river in the distance.
Visitors learn from Inuvialuit guide Jonah Nakimayak, from Paulatuk, above the Hornaday River.

Many adventurers dream of camping above the Arctic Circle and connecting to the land with the Inuvialuit people who have lived here for generations. This is your chance. Listen as your Inuvialuit host reveals the nuances of this Arctic landscape: the caribou trails, the paw prints of polar bears and Arctic wolves, and the caches where people who came before stored their harvest. Hike with your Parks Canada guide to the rim of the spectacular Brock Canyon. Watch a local hunter deftly clean the rich flesh of a fish on the shores of One Island Lake. Relax over bannock and tea under the never-setting sun. Make your own connection to the land in Tuktut Nogait National Park.


Experience the top of the world
Three female visitors take in spectacular mountain and glacier views.
Visitors enjoy the spectacular views of mountains and glaciers near Tanquary Fiord.

Walk in the footsteps of ancient hunters, polar explorers, and military scientists whose adventures weave themselves into the story of Quttinirpaaq National Park. Challenge yourself in this vast, rugged land. High above the Arctic Circle, hike through patches of brilliant yellow Arctic poppies beneath the 24-hour sun. Cross meandering wild rivers and immense valleys. Travel past glaciers that reach down from tall, rugged peaks. Watch muskoxen graze near Arctic wolves. Look towards the horizon; the North Pole is only 800 km away. Be one of the privileged few to set foot in this extraordinary place. Book one of nine seats on a Parks Canada charter from Resolute to Tanquary Fiord. Join a 14-day hike with Black Feather wilderness guides or create your own adventure in Canada’s most northern national park.


York Factory National Historic Site
Try your hand at some of the skills that would have been essential to an 18th century fur trader and learn how their lives became our history.

Take in the sounds and smells of 300 years of history as you arrive at York Factory – do you have what it takes to live a fur trade life? Try your hand at fur trader skills before boarding a bush plane over the boggy green tundra, keeping your eyes peeled for the sight of a polar bear or a caribou. From the ground, Wapusk National Park stretches before you in every direction: the sky seems to be bigger than you’ve ever imagined. Hike out onto the tundra, escorted confidently by a local bear monitor and watch the purple blooms of the fireweed dance quietly in the breeze. Journey across the Churchill River estuary, watching for some of the 3,000 beluga whales that gather here each summer, to the mighty Prince of Wales Fort. Feel the power of the Hudson Bay’s waves crashing against the rocks below and touch the cast iron cannons that still stand on guard, as they always have. After a spectacular northern sunset, settle in at your comfortable overnight camp for your last night on the land, imagining how the previous inhabitants lived here.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Torngat Mountains base camp and research Station: gateway to Torngat Mountains National Park
Four visitors on a mountain top overlooking the base camp below.
Visitors enjoy the rewards of an evening hike overlooking the Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station.

Feel the cool fresh air against your face as you travel by longliner fishing boat on the last leg of your journey to the Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station. You’ve finally arrived! Landing ashore under the watchful eye of a bear monitor, you realize that you are surrounded by worn mountain peaks for as far as the eye can see. Settling into your chosen accommodations, you give pause to the remoteness of this place. Giddy with excitement, you anticipate each day’s new adventures: visiting Sallikuluk (Rose Island) a focal point of the Inuit cultural landscape in Saglek Fjord; hiking with Inuit who guide you in their homeland, telling of how they lived on this land before the comforts of gortex and hiking boots; or being dropped off to launch your multi-day hiking adventure up Nakvak Brook in Torngat Mountains National Park. As the day turns to night, you enjoy the laughter and camaraderie of your Inuit hosts and new friends – researchers, staff, artists, and travellers – and listen as young Inuit drummers and throat singers keep their culture alive. You fall asleep with the northern lights dancing overhead and realize that your journey has only just begun.